Adult Football League Ten (AFL10) 2019


I think after 4/5 games things will become clearer


Hope you’re right regarding us :blush:


Man O War 3-09 to 3-05 St Brigids


Pats beat Olaf’s by about 9.


Lucan beat us by 2 decent game


Good side yous are best of luck with the rest of the season,some very good players

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Same as yourselves…hopefully we both have decent seasons

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@cilles16 @LucanHill16 Bit of an aul Bromance going on here :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Can hardly call them crap and they beat us :joy::joy:




Cilles beat barrog


No ref turned up for Brigids and Cabinteely


Lucan beat Thomas Davis


Bad form if ref was contacted beforehand


Pats beat na fianna


I’m fairly sure ref had been contacted but was a no show


Very bad form on lads


Yes I agree Cabinteely had travelled all the way out for a game and Brigids had plenty of lads who took off work expecting to play a game

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Bad form for both teams, both the managers were trying to get a ref last minute but no joy. Fair play to Brigid’s for letting us use half the pitch for a mini training session.


Very poor form if the referee was contacted.

If he wasn’t contacted, I’d blame both managers! DCB continuously ask teams to contact referees beforehand. A simple 30 second phone call or text is all that’s needed to avoid 50 odd people wasting an evening.