Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2018


The team you had out that day against us would beat most teams in higher leagues and I can’t imagine that was the same team you had all year :lying_face::lying_face:
You beat us by 21 points but the week previously you got beat by 12 that’s some turn around.


A lot easier to get lads out for a home match at this level! Every away match we had this season we barely scraped the 15 whereas we could have 25-30 togged out for home games. I can guarantee you everyone that played that day was legal as I was looking after the team. Where you playing that day?

The game before we actually lost by 9 points, away to Rosmini. We had 15 including me. Game was a lot closer than 9 points, couple of jammy goals was the difference


Skerries were by far the best team Raheny played all year losing by 20 points and bearing in mind they played three top division eight teams without a Certain d Henry that is being referred too. Hard to believe they couldn’t win more games with that team?? Seam to have plenty to say about other teams players


Never said they weren’t illegal. Just said you had a very strong team out that night and could even afford to take lads off before half time :wink: and if you had that team all year you’d have walked the league.

Yeah I was playing.


Most of the lads playing that night were the core of the team for the year. One of the lads we took off was injured. No one else taken off before half time.

You didn’t even say hello!


You’s must have some 2nd side if that was the core of the 3rd team.

You were too far away


Is the relegation play-off on this weekend


having seen all of teams…top 4 certainly best 4 in league…


Yes half 2


Played against them all and believe it or not I’d have ballyfermot as the weakest of the 4…the other 3 pats raheny and Bens wiped the floor with us and i’m sure any ballyfermot lads on here will admit how lucky they were to get the 2 points…my point being its hard to judge over 1 game but I would agree the best teams finished in the top 4 and in exactly the position they deserved over the whole season


Howth and Pats were the best teams we came up against during the year


Towers won aet…fair play to RTC good bunch of lads and even 8 down they battled all the way…last kick of the game got the draw…stronger down the straight…both sides missed easy chances…was a good standard considering it was a relegation playoff in afl 9…gutted but we’ll go again…best of luck to all next year hopefully we can regroup


Good game good standard by both sides. both teams missed very kick able scores.


Raheny bet pats by 4 in the promotion playoff. Deserved winners, they had far more composure, particularly in the last 15 when they pulled away


Fair play to Raheny, Pats were a very strong team when they hammered us out there, thought they would have been in the top 2


Ye we were caught on the hop for a few midweek away games earlier in the season, where we came up against very strong teams and the rosmini draw when we were missing a lot of lads. But in fairness to Raheny, looking at their results, especially the 2nd half of the season, they have been very strong themselves


AFL 9 2019:

Clann Mhuire
Erin Go Bragh
Erins Isle
Rosmini Gaels
Round Towers ©
Skerries Harps
St Finians (S)
St Judes
St Peregrines
St Sylvesters
Templeogue Synge St
Trinity Gaels


Think Erin’s Isle beat Trinity in AFL 10 play-off. Do they both go up?


Vincent’s finished mid table last year but after medical advice, I think they’ve gone down to AFL10 or below


Pats lost the playoff final but don’t appear to be in 9 either