Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2018


So Howth bet Raheny last night to secure second spot. Pats D will finish third place but still have to play Raheny in the last match. If they beat Raheny and Harps beat Judes in their last match then Harps will take the final playoff spot as they bet Raheny earlier. The Rhaney Pats match is fixed for Sunday but Harps playing JFCAC5 final this Sunday so their last league match will have to wait


Absolute madness that there’s still games to be played this time of year


well clubs dont want to play in august, long weekends so little wonder the competitins drag on till winter.


Hardly the reason for leagues dragging on, half the games were played midweek this season. Think this will continue to be an issue until the county board commits to playing more championship rounds earlier in the season, even more so under the new format. Ridiculous that the playoff will be played at the end November.


Sunday week


How are yous fixed for it


We will have a team after that is anyone’s guess been a mixed bag with us all year


By the looks of it Towers have a team going into Div 10


They beat us in the league out there so should be a close game I’d imagine…


Raheny bet pats by 2. We started very slowly and were 6 or 7 down after 15 mins. Got goin then and were level goin into injury time and could’ve nicked it. Left ourselves too much to do, so it’s Pats v Raheny again, in the promotion playoff in Donabate.


Based on results in this league obvious I know but by far and away the best 4 sides have reached the promotion stages as well as the playoff stages.


Bit harsh on Skerries no? If they win their last game, they’ll only have finished 2 points off the playoff spots


Not harsh at all, Skerries were hammered by Howth and Ballyfermot, were well beaten by St pats and beat a Raheny team that has been hammering teams since, very unlucky for sure, but not harsh.


Home advantage is huge at that level, especially for midweek games. They played 3 out of the 4 above them away from home. The 4 best teams finished in the top 4, i agree, but I don’t think Skerries were that far off


We were definitely better than Raheny on the day of our league, but they have improved a lot since we played them, including a mr D Henry togging out with them, and have gotten very good results. It’s like this if Pats had of bet them yesterday and we won our last match, we would have been in the playoffs away to Pats who gave us the runaround in the league match up there so probably for the best anyway :grin:


if Pats had’ve bet them yesterday


If Pats had bet them is correct I think


Ok - just no had of’s please.

ps My picture of the water crashing off the rocks is at Skerries.


had’ve beaten?


Hey this is a slow process … like pulling teeth. One thing at a time - I even let the Pat’s go.