Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2018


They were div 6 a year before that and went down. As far as I know they were struggling to field on Sunday mornings (for whatever reason) and started back at afl 10.


They were down in AFL11 at one stage. The Sunday afternoons suit them better as less of a clash with soccer. Great to see them on the up again. A lot of good work done by Paulie O’Brien in that club.


Best of luck to one of Vincents’s lads. Heard this morning, he picked up broken leg and ankle from bad tackle in last few minutes.


Absolutely, he’s done unbelievable work. A sound man.


Didn’t he play with Ballinteer for a few years too? Remember himself and Tom Mulligan transferring from Counsel?


I can verify that!


They both joined at the same time and Paulie stayed for 3/4 years, think he went back to Counsel first and then Ballyfermot.


Huge win for Maurs against Rosmini, Maurs first win in this league, were Rosmini missing many, seems a bit of a strange result?


Just looking at the table, Ballyfermot have not mathimathically won it or even came second yet. They are playing Pats away next match will be very close I’d imagine. If Pats do beat them and win their remaining games and Ballyfermot then lose their last match against Maurs(unlikely but the result last night was a big surprise, then Pats will be same poitns as Ballyer but will be ahead of them on head to head. Beann Eadair have 3 matches left and they win all 3 and Ballyer lose their 2 then they could end up in third spot!


Cilles beat judes in a back match…


When was that original match supposed to be played? 3 wins in a row now for Cilles. Turning it around before you come out to Skerries :wink:


Was down for the week all judes games were off…haha we probably should have a few more points on the board…left a few behind but we’ve given ourselves a chance of staying up and after 9 games I didn’t think it would happen…hopefully you lads can give us a helping hand on Sunday :wink: any result from raheny TSS last night?


Raheny and TSS is tomorrow night


What was the result parish


Raheny won


Full time score ?


4-14 to 2-7

TSS were up a point at half time


Another great result for the Parish. That team has dished out some hammerings in the last few weeks!


Skerries beat cilles by 2…shame we haven’t played like this all season…best of luck @Harper good bunch of lads there


Pats bet Ballyfermot, 5.12 to 6 points. We were particularly good 1st half but would imagine ballyer were missing a few