Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2018


Ballyfermot beat Vincent’s


Ballyfermot 3-14 Vincents 0-05


Great to see BF motoring


Was Raheny against Beann Eadair ever played? or has a date been fixed? Looks to be a key game for promotion / playoff spots and nothing fixed on the Dublin GAA site


Our match V Judes was off on Sunday due to a death in the club

Raheny bet Starlights 3-21 1-05 last night


No it was never played.

Originally it was off due to a death in our club and was fixed for the following Thursday but no referee turned up for it


Genuine question, was the referee contacted to inform of the refix our did clubs assume ccc would do it? because there have been a couple of occasions there has been no ref at games including the top divisions and a SFC B game too. CCC our DCB are not in the business of contacting refs re refixes they are leaving that to the clubs involved, if ref is unavailable for the rearranged date the coordinator is informed by the ref to appoint a replacement.


Yes referee was contacted at the time.

Why would clubs assume ccc would do it. We all know how it works :wink:


In fairness I’ve contacted a referee before about games being moved by agreement and he told me to make sure the County board was informed, (they were), as the same referee might not be left on the game by the DCB, and that they would assign a referee as though it was a new fixture.


CCC will only appoint for the original fixture, after that changes are made through the referee coordinator, ccc will not appoint a different ref in the event of date change the coordinator does this. In your example the Ref may have told you to make sure to contact the board to tick the insurance box.BTW I’m speculating with that last comment as I’ve no first hand knowledge of what way insurance cover works.


I presume that by contacting the board that they in turn will contact the referees coordinator who will assign the ref, not necessarily that the County board themselves get involved in it. I’ve never personally contacted the coordinator if a game has been switched, just the board. You could be right about the insurance end of things though in that it will be listed as an official game.


David Henry playing for Raheny in this one this evening I hear. Probably only around 37 still. Tough on the opposition I’d say.


Quite tough… about 18 in it when I passed by in 2nd half…3 or 4 high end players on show for afl9. Not sure of final score but doubt there was Vincents comeback


Pats beat towers, 4.12 to 1.8


Harps beat starlights 1-18 to 10 points


Cilles judes off due to bereavement…thoughts and prayers with all of judes and the chaps family and friends


A bit of a comedown for him - he is playing ahl2!!!


Ballyfermot 2.16 to TSS 1.14


Promotion for ballyfermot. 2 back to back promotions. Congrats to all.
An large area where with a bit of CP and DCB support, GAA could make inroads.


Ballyer were div 7 3 years ago. How did they end up in Div 10 from 7? Fair play to them for getting it back together, best team we’ve played this season. Mind you Raheny didn’t have Henry playing against us…