Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2018


I suggest goals don’t get tagged as “dodgy” decision by ref until throwing ball is allowed.

Wouldn’t dispute the 2 “wide” points…as for square ball…they’re always hit or miss and without umpires , ref makes the call as he sees it.


I’ve agreed with you that if thats the rule it should have been a peno, so suggest away, I wont call it dodgy again as it seems to have hit a nerve

Look he was wrong for the square ball, 100%. They should never be hit and miss, it should only be called if it is a dead cert square ball, so how he called it is unbelievable

Decent game all the same, on a shite pitch. Why didn’t you play on the main pitch which was sitting empty?


I doubt you would have the legs to run to get that goal. I’d say you were sitting in the square all night !


Shush, don’t be making sense


I think the main pitch closed for maintenance works for month.
I believe 2nd pitch is due to be dug up sometime this year for all weather so I’d guess its been run aground.
3rd pitch out back is in very good condition but I’d guess smaller size of 2nd pitch was preferred as vincents AFL9 team seems to be very much social older team


Pats 3.9 Judes 2.6


Any result from Raheny and Beann Eadair?

We got a w/o from TSS. How do I submit that result through the text. I tried one thing, but it came back as match not played


Raheny v Beanns wasn’t played due to a death in our club.