Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2018


Played last night…Harps 1-12 Towers 0-8


Vincents beat clontarf by 1


Pats beat TSS


Rosmini bet us by 3 goals in a good game. We missed a lot of chances in the first half and then they got a couple of quick goals. We were getting back into it in the second half when they grabbed another 2 goals and that was that. Very good ref by the way, let the game flow very well


A very strong Clontarf side bet Pats. Think it was around 2.15 to 13 points


Cilles lost by 1 to Ballyfermot…tough way to lose but that’s how it goes…excellent ref may I add


We bet Raheny well, 5-14 to 8 points. We got 2 goals early on and Raheny were never able to get back into the match. Decent side but the goals knocked the stuffing out of them. Every time they seemed to be getting back into it we would get another goal.
Strange results last night, Castleknock turned things around since losing the first 2 games! Clontarf beating Pats and Judes beating Vincents also surprises


Judes deserving of win but had 2 or 3 guys you wouldn’t normally associate with level of AFL9…I think one SH knocked over ~7 or 8 of their tally. I think they had 8-9 subs.
In this league, results can be driven by whether weekend and midweek teams. Well ref’d.


Ye similarly, looking at Clontarf’s earlier results, id imagine they would’ve been able to field a stronger team last night. Very fit side. Was a good standard of a game. Pats were 7 points behind at ht, got it back to 3 midway through the 2nd half, but 2nd goal killed us off.


Has anyone got the 2018 contact list, the one I have is the 2017 contact list so there are obviously some changes to it. Or Alan, can you PM me the number for the Vincents AFL9 manager?


Did you get sorted or will I mail you the 2018 contact list?


Sorted thanks Ger


Pats bet Clann Mhuire, 15 points to 1.6


Harps 2-14 St Vincent’s 2-12


Rosmini beat Starlights 1-13 to 0-10


I’m glad we won, cause it would have sounded like sour grapes if we hadn’t of, but that ref (not the one scheduled to ref it) if possibly one of the worst I have ever seen. He disallowed a score for us in the first half that was 2 foot inside the post and the keeper even said it was over. Then he black carded the lad that scored it for complaining. We also got a goal that was a hand pass to me and I punched to the net and he gave a square ball, even though I had to run to get to it, just inside the square
Second half he gave them a dodgy peno, gave them a score that was wide and I think disallowed another score. He was doing his best for them, but we held out for the win. Even the Vinnies lads were laughing at him


So that’s what @TheLoneRanger has been up to since?


I think it might have been Alan reffing… Well he was either a Vincents member or a wannabe. Knew all the lads well anyway


Harps deserved to win…better team with spread of older and younger lads who kicked half dozen top class points…young keeper has mighty launch as well…2 in it at end but 5/6 would have been fairer as 2 point swing due to apparent error by ref. Certainly one or two contentious scores … but wouldn’t agree on few things.
On Vincents peno, what was “dodgy”?..Skerries defender grabbed ball right on goal line when chasing back and knowing his momentum would carry him over the goalline, threw the ball behind him as he went over the line. Open to correction but I think technical foul in square is penalty.
That seems fairly clear cut…unless technical foul in square isn’t a penalty


2 definite scores for us he said were wide and there was nothing wrong with the goal. Then gave you a score for a definite wide. Peno was exactly as you say, I dont know the exact rule either so if that is a peno, then fair enough. So that’s 1-03 he gave Vincents :wink: