Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2017


Feeling the love lads, feeling it

Especially from you!!


Was initially just to wish Cilles well in the playoffs. Anyway look you should just enjoy the break now instead of being bitter. Enjoy the wings.


Harper sleep with your misses or what?



But ref, their keeper who didnt make any saves in the whole game is under 17, thats not fair, this is AFL9 ref, we have to take this very seriously.

I’ve been on a break since our last match on Sept 8th, and possibly will retire as I was 40 last week. But you keep fire away playing at this level, maybe some day you can play AFL6 like you aspire to!


Ah what!?!? I thought me coming on with a super sub performance in our last game was enough to retire you and give me more of a chance next season??? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy: :joy:


Not me Harper I find it funny how they complained about a 16 yr old when there was 6 or 7 players the manager didn’t know when they beat us…


Cillies I was out watching this game and I really don’t know what your on about from what I seen Plunketts manager knew every player on the pitch as he has managed them for the last 3/4 years…However each to there own when looking for excuses why they were beaten.


I was on the pitch and heard the numbers he called…i also said on res dubs after the game and you never mentioned anything at the time…no excuses the better team won that day and the league…congratulated the team already…I was only saying I could see from where @Harper was coming from regarding complaints after the ft whistle…


Agreed if they were going to make a complaint should of been done during the game and not when they had been beaten. However Harper failed to mentioned when they were caught out that they tried to claim that 2 players from the Plunketts team were bangers but turned out they were Legit lads that had played all year for that team, However all in the past now and best of luck in the playoff’s.


Do you honestly think a goalkeeper was the difference between you winning or losing that game?


Again incorrect. What happened was when we explained to the keeper what was happening he said, sure I played against 2 of their players last year U16, that’s probably why they recognized him, so we asked for the same thing for both of those players. Strangely enough one of them had already scarpered, but maybe that was just coincidence :face_with_raised_eyebrow: i’m not so sure the other lad was proven legit either, I mean why did neither team get the points for the game?? Just because they played for the team all year doesn’t make them legit…


Not a chance, I dont think he even made a save that day and the goal was a fluke. Sure they had no chance with the amount of bangers we had outfield that day anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Cilles beat crokes…playoffs are Castleknock vs crokes and cilles vs starlights


If Castleknock have the same team that played against us for the playoffs they should win this easily. No offense to the other 3 teams but I was surprised they lost any matches at all


None taken…they’ve home advantage for both should they win…a very good side on serious form…you never know on the day though and that’s why we’re all in it to win it


Top 4 - Semi

Castleknock 1-5 Kilmacud Crokes 0-10


Cilles 3-13 lights 1-10


Great result for crokes thought there season might just burn out after loosing last week but well done to them :+1:t2:


Any rows?? :grinning::grinning:


Funny enough it nearly kicked off :joy::joy::joy: