Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2017


Congratulations to Plunketts on winning this league…hard fought until the end which was good to see


Me’h. Wouldn’t be congratulating them really…


you’re a bitter fecker Harper :slight_smile:


Bitter would be if we had of lost the game and started crying about it!


Enjoy the break and good luck again in 9 next year pal.


Do you play for that team?


Sore loser


Ha ha ha. We didnt lose. Sore losers does sound about right though!


I do see where Harper is coming from…play bangers 1 game then complain about a 16 year old in another


Cilles with the fish hook out there v nice! Good luck in the playoffs chief. reckon you lads are the best team in it so expect to see you step up to 8 aswel.


We’re struggling at minute a couple of bad losses last 2 games…also no fishing rod pal as I said congrats on winning the league a very good side but we both know what happened that day in balheary when the manager didn’t know a third of the team and was calling them by numbers…


Wouldn’t mind but the 16 year old was in goals aswell and didnt make a save, but if your happy enough with that outcome then more power to you in the dizzy heights of AFL8 FFS!

To be fair to some of the more senior players, they were embarrassed about it but the lads in charge must be pushing for a senior management job!

Did I see somewhere that rule is gone this year? Should be gone for the lower, SOCIAL, leagues anyway. Otherwise there will be a lot more walkovers week in week out as every team in these lower leagues relies on their minors


A silly rule even I must agree but you’re still a bitter aul git. You’d only love to be fighting it out to go up the Social League ranks. Harps will get there when you retire tho so not all doom and gloom for yee.


Funny, you could be right, I wasn’t even playing that match and they hammered you on the pitch…


Stop trying to make this thread more interesting than AFL6 one


Well done to all and good luck in the playoffs. See the winners in 8 next year. I’ve seen the standard of Craic in Div6 Iniesta and its poor when the likes of trolls like Harper are trying to get in on it.

Harpers retirement will be taking place in Blue Bar with a bucket of wings in the near future I’d say


Couldn’t be more wrong!


You’re the one who signed up here yesterday…


I think he’s rather sweet actually.


Harper is one of the consistent lads on here. Not a bit bitter!