Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2017


Harper I heard yous beat Plunketts tonight…is this true?


Per they did. Most results up there


This league is wide open now, a few teams vying for league win and play offs, very competitive
Castleknock have to play Crokes/Binn Eadair/Cillies/Skerries
Cillies have to play Maurs/Castleknock/Binn Eadair/Crokes
OPER have to play Clontarf/Judes/Raheny/Crokes
Crokes with the hardest run in on paper anyway


Knock probably favs but it will be a battle until the end I’d say


Harps 4-09 rosmini 1-11


@BigBalls How did you get on yesterday against TSS?? Only result not submitted


Any result from Bens and knock?


Castleknock won according to their Twitter!


Cilles beat maurs…


Crokes TSS drew 0-0 that can’t be right!?


Got confused…
Played soccer.


We were well bet by Castleknock and we probably had one of the best teams we have had out this season. 2 goals for us near the end flattered the scoreline. Much better team. They had a few lads that wouldn’t have looked out of place on their senior team, never mind their second team! Must have some seriously strong panels for each team


Is that not their 3rd team Harper?


I think that’s his point.


My bad :laughing::laughing:


Some would say the same about your Junior B champo winning team. :grin:


It was exactly my point!

Our Junior B team is the team thats winning AFL5 too. A few of them have played one or 2 games with the seniors because they have been destroyed with injuries this year. Obviously the second team is the feeder to the first team so a lot of that team should be of a standard that they wouldn’t stand out. Like most clubs second team…


Castleknock 2-14 St Colmcilles 1-6


Well deserved win and a decent bunch of lads


Plunketts beat Crokes