Adult Football League 9 (AFL9) 2017




A Player can be requested to wear a gumshield by the referee, If the players refuses, A Yellow Card can be issued for challenging the Authority of the Match Offical as the player has failed to comply with instruction, If the player still refuses, Hey Presto ! 2nd Yellow


Yes I know these are the rules, but they are clearly not being followed by refs, well not this one anyway. I have had one or 2 that are fairly strict on it so its the consistency thats the issue here


No harper not yous it was away earlier in the league…was more the refs attitude that kept us at him to swap the jerseys…


Cilles beat templeogue


Starlights beat Raheny 2-13 to 1-5


Joeys 1-9 Maurs 7-16


Cilles received a walkover from Raheny


Cilles beat Skerries by 6…heard lights beat Plunketts


Cilles beat clontarf


Harps 2-15 Raheny 3-6


Starlights 1-12 Rosmini Gaels 3-15


Some result for rosmini


Yesterday the Pat P V Joeys was showing as ‘No Show by both teams’, today it is just saying ‘Void’. Anyone any idea what happened?

Actually just noticed Pats have already condeeded 2 games so that is them gone. Joey’s have given 1.


great result for rosmini, under strength Starlights through injuries etc, but take nothing away from rosmini, they played well…


Does the etc bit mean suspensions? :rofl:


Some of Thursdays game off due to championship


Harps 0-10 Clontarf 0-7


Cilles lost to Plunketts…better team won …i did find it strange Plunketts management didn’t know all their players names at this stage of the season


Similar enough to them last year in Champo, half the players didnt know the others names, never mind the manager. You wont get too many of them on here though seen as its a Dublin supporters website :wink: