Adult Football League 8 (AFL8) 2019


No fun in that in them conditions.


You must be joking, there is a big difference between division 8 and division 4 or 5. They probably have just found their level league wise.


I am led to believe that 3 or 4 of their new additions are of senior football standard, big advantage at this level.


Agreed, they won’t win the championship but if they keep this team going they will be promoted at a canter unless the other first teams up their game


Only one player in the team that has not played for the club before, that is Glennon. Had a great start to league. Looks like O’Tooles will struggle this year 0-6 scored in two games.


Good to see Garristown back, they’ve suffered a lot in recent years dropping from AFL 3 down. Best of luck to them!


Think they played kilmacud in first game this year who also struggled in this league last year. And o tooles seem to be struggling at a lot of levels. But a good start for garristown no doubt.