Adult Football League 8 (AFL8) 2019



They were afl3/4 less than 10 years ago i’d say.


Small rural village who were decimated by emigration and an older population left behind


What Na Fianna team is this ?



Yep div 4 about 7 years ago.


…and AFL3 not long before that. Think they won afl4 around 2008ish


Few years in div 3 and i think 2 years or more in div 4


4th (I think) Team in division 1/2/4.


Yes correct this is our 4th team


2008 isn’t that long ago. Hard to think of a team that has declined as rapidly as them


Croabh ciaran? Not as quick though.


Parnells 2nd team. Div 4 to 8 in 4 years. Cant wait to see them in div 9 next year


I take it they won’t be up to much in this league if you fancy them to go down


They have barely won a game the last 3 years, were kicked out at least once if not twice, their hurlers were probably taking precedence for a long time at the expense of keeping the football ticking over, as well as the import and subsequent exodus of country players putting a lot of players off committing.


Did they not win a championship last year or get to a final?


They won the lowest championship don’t know how they where even graded for it as they where div 7 last year


yep and junior A before the championships were regraded… interesting to see if they can hold their own here but doubt it


Did Cluxton regrade this year? :wink:


wasnt playin for the dubs in tralee tonight so can only assume he will be toggin sunday week lol


Club comes first :slight_smile:


Ballyboughil v St. Pats D
Garda v Ranelagh
Finbarrs v Raheny
Crokes v Garristown
O’Tooles v Ballyfermot
Na Fianna v Parnells
Kevins Killians v Beann Eadair
Wild Geese v Stars of Erin