Adult Football League 8 (AFL8) 2017


Gers beat Boden 6-16 to 1-13


Syls bet lusk. Boughal bet pats in regelation playoff.


I see gers bet syls in playoff final. Congratulations to them and best off luck in d7 next year.


Thanks Scatzer, we won it 0-11 to 0-10 in a tight tense match. Syls no.8 kicking some excellent frees, a sideline and a 45. Their management spoke very well afterwards.

Been a tough year for all teams as Olafs were always going to win the league as their 15 games 15 wins shows which left one promotion spot up for grabs for the rest of us. Presume Olafs may apply to jump a few divisions as their AFL11 south winning counterparts may also do.

Great night celebrating had and a few hardy bucks still on the prowl!

Gers abú!!


Congrats on promotion Spud. Great to see small club progressing up through the leagues. Wasn’t long ago ye were playing Division 10/11. The great work at juvenile level is paying off now.


Much appreciated Stato. That old division 10 was not easy get out of!