Adult Football League 8 (AFL8) 2017


Thought the ref didnt show?


Was 17mins late and fins refused to play cause lads had to work


Do the Teams not have to wait 30 mins ?

Interesting @beerofmonth didn’t state this when saying Finians gave a walkover .


Dont know what the rule is to be honest.


Boden lined out ref threw the ball in Boden banged in a goal game over all as finians watched from the car park


Ref is supposed to report the facts and not throw the ball in.


It’s a strange one


Ref cant give a walkover anyway!


Will game be replayed?


Up to the co.board to decide


No it won’t be replayed as the ref didn’t award a walkover as St Finian’s Swords walked off the pitch and refused to play as one of their best players had to go back to work. The county board will decide what happens next.


So what will the county board decide exactly if you’re so sure it wont be replayed?


Ballyboden will go through to the playoffs as St Finians Swords refused to play because the ref was 17 minutes late. I don’t know what the rule is. Do the teams have to wait 30 minutes. And Ballyboden beat Kilmacud Crokes in the league which means Ballyboden would be in the playoffs.


Bit ridiculous from Finians. Their best player​:joy::joy:probably gets away with paying subs :joy::joy:


Why are finians down to play gers on Dublin gaa then?


It should be G Moran v Boden. Hill16 is wrong. They done same with AFL7


Ballyboden got the points for the match against St Finans Swords. The County board still have to decide whether ballyboden or st finans swords are in the playoffs.


Looks like Swords got the vote going by hill 16


It’s changed to ballyboden now


ballyboden vs geraldine morans