Adult Football League 8 (AFL 8) 2018


Was hoping despite our awful season there was some chance of any redemption…


It would be fair if you’s played boughal in relegation playoff but doesn’t look like that will happen


Unlikely at this stage, both sides deserve to drop… Swords got a good side together and trounced us, don’t think they fielded after that… I’m sure Boughal were fully expecting to go down as well.


Yeah I know a few of the boughal lads and they couldn’t believe how lucky they are to stay up. It’s very hard for them to get two good teams together, don’t have the biggest selection of players and 1st team will always take priority. Unless they get a few young lads in next year I can’t see them staying up


Lot of travelling for them with a lot of the games on Tuesday nights… It would make sense to try and keep the Tuesday night games fairly local to teams, tough with people’s jobs scattered across the city.


It would make more sense alright, a lot of north and southside teams playing each other on Tuesdays would make more sense to have them games on the Sunday. Best of luck to you’s in div 9 next year I watched you’s play rosmini in the champo and you’s are a good side if you’s can get that team out next year I’ve no doubt you’s will be in the mix to go straight back up


Has been mooted countless times I would imagine, and it wouldn’t be difficult to do at all.

Lash a spreadsheet together with travelling distance for teams in each league per google maps, then put a macro or vlookup in place, for pig iron, if a fixture between Clann Mhuire and Cuala pops up on a Tuesday night, then the fixtures should highlight in Red or whatever colour to suggest the fixture should be changed to a weekend fixture and look to see if a more suitable fixture is available to swap accordingly.


It’s tough getting lads together especially Tuesdays’, Rossmini was a particularly good game for us, trying to win by a certain amount meant we went into our shell a bit, and nearly wrecked it.

Take for example on Tuesdays we went to Wild geese, Stars of Erin and Lusk. Lads trying to get out of work to play D8 football is a tough play for some!


Only copped onto this now :slight_smile: are we all looking forward to a new season? I should probably open a new thread for 19…