Adult Football League 8 (AFL 8) 2018


I see Andrew Kerins playing with Boden. Can’t see them been beaten in playoffs


Anyone got a result on finbars and crokes yet from yesterday?
Nothing on website


RT Lusk need 1 point from their remaining 2 games for promotion, which they will get. I predict them to get automatically promoted again next year out of 7 also.


Any Luck with a result from the Finnbarr’s and Crokes game on The 4 of November?


I heard it was not played so trying to get info on what happened with it i.e. was it conceded and where does that leave the teams in relegation danger


It definitely wasn’t played I dropped over to watch it and there was no sign of any teams on the pitch and the place was locked up. The park was open for matches to be played on


It has just been fixed for this Sunday, same venue and time.


What difference does this game make both teams safe no?


Does anyone know who’s playing in the relegation playoff? As far as I know boughal are one of the teams since finians gave too many walkovers. The four teams above are all on the same points. What happens in this scenario?


If the 4 teams are tied for 2nd bottom it’ll be score difference…if there are two below then the bottom team of the 4 mentioned side will be away to the 2nd from bottom of the 4 sides


Congrats to RT Lusk on gaining promotion to Div 7 this morning after a one sided affair vs Stars of Erin. As stated before I now predict them to do the same in 7 next year.


still no result on finbars v crokes, anyone know yet why?


Well done to Lusk, very strong outfit and should go well again in Div 7.


Being played tomorrow in DIT.


Ballyboden vs stars of Erin in promotion final on Sunday 18th November at 10.30am home game for Ballyboden St Endas


wild geese and ballyboughal to slug it out for relegation playoff, unless peregines dont field v lusk in which case theyll be relegated (already conceded once this year) and porto will slug it out with boughal instead


Ballyboden St Endas beat stars of Erin in promotion playoff final


Was there ever a relegation play off played?


Apparently peregrines requested to go down so doesn’t need to be one played now


if the request was signed by a Mr V Murphy the county board may wish to double check it …