Adult Football League 7 (AFL7) 2019


surely club comes first in this instance …


Lads having played 20 odd years adult ball for club entitled to play county I’d say :blush:.


Not if a team has to fold because you cannot juggle both. That’s what is wrong with the current GAA system. I was a the GAA conference last jan and a speaker spoke about the lads in the club that are a positive and the others that are a negative.
His point was the lads that scream the most are the ones that do the least. Not saying this is the case here but I found it a valid issue and could relate to a lot of lads I know on both sides that only play adult codes for example and rant and rave about pitch availability and floodlights etc etc but memberships need to be dragged out of them and they never make themselves available to help juvenile sections. Then you have fellas who are mentoring teams and lining pitches and still togging out in mid 40s and 50s in some cases to ensure lads get to play and are not lost to the club and sport.


Can so identify with all that. Should get a thread all of it’s own.


That happens in every club. My only point was we played this Brigids team twice last year, once in league and then in cup final. In league they had maybe 5 over 40s playing, that’s a lot. In cup less I think. If over 40 good chance unable to keep going for various reasons. In the league game they had few if any subs, bit unfair to be talking about lads that have given such service and mentioning some speaker at a conference saying negative impact some players have on a club when we don’t know the details.


Alot of these players are no longer able to give commitment to play club football. Two still play Div 5. Another will be required to play Div 5 when he returns from injury. One hasnt played club in a few years but togged as sub keeper for Dublin over 40’s and didnt play any game. Alot of these players have played adult club football for 25+ years and are now involved with Juvenile teams and cant commit to managing teams and playing.

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As I said in my post … Not that I am saying that is the case here. Reason is that I am not aware of the issue with that club or team.


St Marys 2-6, St Margarets 0-7, played tonight


Quick question / Is there anybody on the group from St Vincent’s




Marys beat St james gaels tonight


Any junior championship dates and fixtures out yet

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Naomh mearnog beat Ballyboden St endas tonight under lights in Sancta Maria 1-16 to 0-10 good game of football


St Anne’s have had a strong start. I hear Daniel Watson has regraded down this year. A good player to have.


Watt hasn’t played in 3 years due to back injury


I know had injury. Good to see him back.


Does anyone know why this league (had/has) 16 teams in it instead of the usual 15? Div 6 has 14 instead of the usual 15 and OPER who beat us in relegation play off last year are not in it but seem to have a team in this league. Did they drop down?


Is the usual not 16 teams?


usual is 16 alright


16 is the norm