Adult Football League 7 (AFL7) 2018


I think Olafs have lost a few lads to their Seniors in the last few weeks so I’d expect Gers to win that one, can’t see Cuala dropping any points anyway.


Serious rise in standard going from 7 --> 1! must be the biggest gap from 1st to 2nd team in the county


Think Counsel are Div 3 and 11

Am I right in saying that a few years ago Pats of Donabate were in division 1 and 10 or 11?


What are pats second team in now div 9? Ballyboughals second team is div 8. There is a good few clubs in div 2 and 3 who’s second team are low in junior.


Is it true James gaels have been docked points for playing unregistered players against Naomh Olaf? Anyone else hear that?


the spirit of AFL7 2017 lives on…


Very naughty.


I heard they were losing points for the St Annes game, due to an underage player. Not sure about Olafs.


Still no result confirmed for the Olafs game - bad form if they did.


This is not true. They had to postponed game against us due to a death in their club.


St Marys 2-7

Nh Barrog 1-16


Any score from Garritstown/St Annes game last week?


Annes by 7 points


I see Morans Olafs has been fixed for the Bank Holiday Sunday.
Completely unfair on the Morans lads who will be travelling from every corner of the country amongst the Marathon traffic and not to mention all the closed roads etc.
The DCB are a very inconsiderate bunch.


Big win for Brigids to keep them up in this league last week


Well done to Geraldine Morans on winning league. Great win for them to beat Olafs away.


Final score? Anyone at the game? Well done gers, great achievement.


Gers ran into 7/3 lead after 15 minutes but Olafs lead 7/8 @ half-time. Olafs 7/10 ahead 5 mins in to 2nd half before Gers goal. Olafs got next 2 points but Gers brought her home 1-11 to 0-13.

Fair play to Olafs in ensuring cup was there and they made a great job of presentation on the pitch after final whistle.

Good day and night had…and maybe another sup today!

Big thanks to Dave @PanamaHat for giving us the heads up on traffic for the day. :kissing_heart:


Congrats Spuds!


Any result from Cuala V Parnells last Sunday?