Adult Football League 7 (AFL7) 2017


Na Gaeil Óga 1-13. Cuala 2-5.


Geese beat Maggies. Not sure of score. Geese I heard were winning by 9 or so at half time.


Mary’s beaten comfortably by James gaels I believe.


Just checking Was there a sore in the liffey gales v bsj match. Its not in the results part and there not down to play them in the remaining mathes


I noticed that myself, hasn’t been played yet anyway.


NGÓ 2-12. Mary’s 0:10.


Mary’s 8-5 up at half Gael oga came out all Guns blazing and deserved the win


Cuala very impressive against kk. Must have found some new old players. :wink:
Nowhere near the same kk team that played last year. Tough year for them!


What happened Kevin’s / Killian’s ? They were flying last few years


BSJ 5-17 Naomh Fionnbarra 1-5


This league is going right down to the wire. If liffey gales bet NGO, It will go down to the last match. James gales have gone on some run. Will the beat TD?


Davis’s have a tough run in so I’m favouring one of the others


Last night, Davis 2-18 James gales 2-8
Big game the weekend Liffey Gaels and na Gael oga, win for na Gael oga should win them the league but they won’t get anything easy against Liffey, should be a good game


Hows does it work. If liffey gales and TD win all there matches, they will be level on points. I presume it then goes to head to head in which they drew against each other. Does it then go on points difference or do they play each other again?


if they both win all their games TD will be ahead by 2


There both on 23 points with 2 games remaining


I think he means Na Gaeil Oga…They drew with TD.

I believe after H2H, it is points diff, so long as no walkovers have occurred involving these teams.


Sorry i did mean NGO. There was no walkover by both teams. Think its a bit unfair if it goes to points difference


Why? So just have a playoff instead?


If two teams finish on the same points and they both drew against each other, it should definitely be a playoff. The points difference is a joke. One week you could play a team a only win by a point but if you were to play them a few week later you could beat them by 20 points, depending on the time of the year, Soccer players, if they were knocked out of champo, minor championship, losing players, etc