Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2019


Yeah we had a private jet on standby to get the senior subs over to the Dublin mountains in time for throw in…senior game finished at 11.50am… :roll_eyes:

I can guarantee you there are 2 separate panels with some of the lads on the second team trying to get on the first team like it should be


Crumlin v Cuala was a draw game.

Cuala up by 9/10 at HT, great game of football in the fantastic weather yesterday morning.

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I feel I have to make something clear here as a current Wanderers player. Explayer9 does not represent the views of anyone in the squad( I see he’s named himself on another thread so I know he has had zero involvement for a long time).

Fingallians were full value for their win and there were zero qualms from anyone involved with the squad about their players. Good side with a handful of quality lads. Played clever ball and took their chances. If they keep the squad together they’ll be bang there in August.

Bitterly dissapointing from our point of view as we struggled to get any sustained momentum throughout. Started similarly last year and came agonizingly close to a playoff so all is not lost.

Some interesting results yesterday so may not be a case of 2 teams romping the league like last season.

Re Championship- that’s the systems, not our fault. If it wasnt us it would be another 6 team.
3 or 4 teams in JFC2 who on their day will be very tough to beat so we are under no illusions.


I think the fact yous didn’t fulfill the relegation fixture last year makes it look like it was decided to drop down a championship to win a handy one next year…


Agreed, it doesn’t look good!


Any result from the Ravens v Lucan game?


Eh I dont agree with wanderers in that championship…for 20 years I tried to win a junior a championship and only came close once in 2005 when beaten by a star studded Na Fainna team…would of loved to have won a championship but we came up against so cracking teams…


Hey FKP19…YES I have no involvement within the club but as someone with played with wanderers since I was 7 apart for a few yearsI am entitled to my opinion…fins were good value for the win but by God wanderers looked terrible…handling,strength,ability to pass and catch a ball was shocking,too many hand passes across the pitch,piss poor on opponents kickout…big full forward scored 1:4 from long ball in and not one of you realised that this was the way to go against a team who looked sharp from the start but could not handle the long ball in…less of the curragh and more ball work required badly this is division 6 not inter county!!! Play the conditions and not the system…heads up football is what wanted up there…still think u can go close in Division 6…

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Well thanks for the encouragement :rofl:

Ravens beat Lucan 1-4 to 1-3 according to Hill16. Thriller!

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Bank of Ireland hammered in opening 2 games, doesn’t bode well but i guess it is early and teams can turn things around.
Where do they play their home games, and is their catchment area actually BOI employees? I see nothing about them online


Tell me your 365online password and I will check for you.

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They are removing all savings accounts ie free ATM transactions etc. B******s. Hope they’re relegated …


Sames, no pity for the wanker bankers whatsoever :joy:


They play their games in Ringsend Park - occasionally Clan na Gael allow them the use of the pitch (though I don’t know which surface is worse!!!)

They would’ve been set up years ago as a team of employees (like Civil Service/St Brendans etc) but hard to know at this stage if they have any bankers playing for them


The first team where playing Maurs at the exact same time.


Any predictions, will any of the teams remain unbeaten after this weekend?


Ger Morans should beat Peregrines.
Olafs should beat Lucan.
I’d fancy Crumlin to beat Lusk.
I’d also give Whitehall the slight edge vs. Fingallians.
One of Cuala or Fingal Ravens or possibly both(if they draw) will be unbeaten.

So minimum 1 team unbeaten, and maybe 5!


Cuala are a decent team. Great balance between youth and experience. Helps with the numbers they have coming through mind you.


Crumlin beat Lusk by a point out there this morning


No wonder if they had a Bear playing for them :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: