Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2019


Any predictions lads




Did both Cuala and Olafs get promoted to this division this season?

Cuala to walk through the league this year?


They did. Olafs seem to have good side. If Cuala start strong will be hard to beat. Crumlin have lads back from Counsel but depends on how the hurling is going.


Geraldine morans


Lusk were 15 up at ht…peregrines actually started brightly but 3 goals in as many mins turned the game on its head…cant imagine anything other than a Lusk win


Civil Service 0-6 Geraldine Morans 2-14 - very good side GM, big lad in midfield won everything


Finished 4-11 to 0-05.


Lucan 1-12 Crumlin 7-4


Wanderers beating by a suspiciously strong fins side in awful conditions…by the looks of things wanderers have not seen a football all pre season…


What was so suspicious?


Whitehall drew with Geraldine Morans 0-9 to 1-6 pts


Geraldine Moran’s v Whitehall finished level in awful conditions. There was a rugby match on the pitch before the game. Very strong Moran’s team, they will be there or there abours at the end of the year.


Fins had some very good forwards that would not look out of place playing for the first team…subs not used in senior game me thinks…but if the case so be it…always has happened to use …


Impossible for any ‘bangers’ to be played at this stage of the season. 3 game rule.


Thats not the rule. You have to submit a panel of 20 players before the Second game. 10 of that panel have to have played in the first league game. That panel of 20 can’t play at a level lower


Not saying ant rules were broken…but cone on…its division 6…give the lads chance


Same could be said of Wanderers playing in JFC2 against Div10/11 teams. Gonna be the same difference! I have heard though that Fins are flying. Maybe finally making good use of their demographic and facilities?!


Sure that’s different coz it’s his club


Fringe players deserve a run with the next available team they are eligible for. It’s unfortunate when you get a strong club in your first few games but over the year it evens out.

By that logic you could say it’s equally unfair for a Clubs 3rd team to have to play a clubs 1st team in the same league