Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2018


Once Craobh sniff a bit of glory everybody will tog out for them.


With one slip up from NGO, Croabh could be in a playoff to win the league - likely to take place sometime in December.


Fingallians 0-10 Davis 3-18


Hardly much glory in coming second


Would NGO not win it on head to head or points diff?


Did he actually though? His son has also previously not turned up for games because of the same reason “called county board” or “no notification”


Ye head to head, ngo won’t slip up anyway


For relegation is it bottom 2 down (14th and 15th) then 12th & 13th play off and loser goes down?


NGO shouldnt slip up from here to win it they would need to drop 3 points from 3 games…Be interesting how NGO go in championship now a possible double on for them. Man O War St Finnians Craobh the junior championship could be interesting


Looks like Crumlin are dust now after losing to Civil Service.

Interestingly, if Ravens beat Service(or if game has been refixed, does anyone know? last week it puts them right back in the reckoning.


Thomas Davis could have two teas in AFL 5 next season.


Ravens beat Civil service by a point


High Tea and Afternoon Tea?


Two teas, or not two teas.


Teas teas me oh yeah


A very strange scenario at this level to happen.


The way the remaining fixtures are falling there’s a chance Crumlin, Civil Service and Ravens will all end up on the same points.

What will happen here? Points difference seen as there are 3 teams involved or H2H between all 3 teams?


Points difference from the games involving the three teams only.


has the final day of fixtures being changed from the 26th? on the Hill 16 there down as TBC


I think all games are off that weekend because of the pope