Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2018


Suprised to see Vincents struggling so badly this year ??

Anyone put forward a reason why?


Craobh strong cause hurling lads are playing yesterday they had 5 or 6 defo playing… Looked good yesterday 1st game v oga they had 14 players and have got stronger since then… Oga win league charains 2 nd and a scrap for 3rd and 4th place playoff


14 Points to 2-8 apparently


Who won?


NGÓ 1-16. Wanderers 1-9.


Six of one, half dozen of the other :joy::joy:


NGO guaranteed promotion now?


Ye, that’s us promoted. Great night for us, 6 promotions in last 7 years. Good Wanderers team made it though.
Craobh are getting hugh scores and are not going to slip up so we need to keep it going to the end if we are to win it.


That some going. Were ye relegated to AFL8 a few years ago?3 successive promotions now?


Any result on the Plunketts game?


Ye, this is our eight year as a club. We had one relegation and 6 promotions in the last 7 years. We had 3 promotions and then were relegated and now 3 promotions again. Hoping history does not repeat itself next year🙈


it impossible to get relegated from AFL5 these days :slightly_smiling_face: :


Whitehall beat Bank


All down to the tutelage of An tUsail Ó Mórdha.


No referee. He is on holidays in Sligo and told CB be wasn’t available. They’ll make it or fault though.


Craobh 5-18 ravens 1-04 craobh have now scored 12-36 in there last 2 games. Oga promoted Charains look like they will go up now. Serious turn around from last year with being relegated for giving walk overs as mentioned above.


You in the Service yourself man? How’d ye go last night?


Another draw would you believe - tough game between two good sides. 10 points a piece doesn’t give a full picture of the quality that was on show. One of the two sides will go up with Davis, NGO and TD looks like now.


Replay set for Saturday evening in O’ Moore park.


If craobh beat Crumlin in there next game thats them promoted to Second. I think it will be crumlin and TD in the play off. 3 teams go up is that right NGO already up.