Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2018


How’d Plunketts get on last night?


First post in a long time.

Take nothing away from a hard fought NGO win, but 1 or 2 questionable decisions from the red could of swung the game the other way.

11/11 fantastic achievement, best of luck for the rest of the league.

Hopefully we get another chance at NGO in the championship


Great Acheivemnet to go 11 on the bounce only 4 games to go now for Oga 5 for Craobh think Both will go up Automatically. Craobh still to play Civil Service and Crumlin that could have effect on the Positions. Oga champions. Crumlin Craobh or TD can still finish 2nd then is it a play off for the 3rd position is this right?


As far as I know yes he is


Relation of the Donegal player? Any use?


Very good player. Yes he is related I believe. brother.?


He’s close to untouchable at this level.


Yes, his brother.


Due to the death yesterday of a St Judes club member this morning’s match against NGÓ was posponed. Ar dheis Dé go raibh sé.


Mearnog gave Crumlin a walkover


Plunketts 1-11 craobh 7-18


Davis bt BOI by 18


Bank of Ireland not have their championship team available?


Craobh flying this year. They’ve been dreadful for the last 10 atleast. What’s the secret to the turnaround, fair dues.


Asking the wrong person wouldn’t no to much about them but from what I watched today they looked fit and played very good football.


Apologies was a general query for the learned folk of Dublin gaa. Haven’t come across Craobh in a long time but look to be going great guns.


They got to an Intermediate Championship semi final only 3 or 4 years ago with this team so maybe not 10 years. After that they seemed to fall apart. Think they might have given 2 walkovers last year and were relegated to 6. I’m sure they’d be fairly fit for this level as a few lads would be part of the senior hurling team.

them being out of senior hurling so early this year might have a part play in this team going on a run. NGO beat them by a cricket score in the first game and they haven’y lost since so team probably just getting stronger


How’d the Fungal Civil Service match go?


The damp weather will have helped, you’d imagine?


Can’t help you - I’m in the dark on this one …