Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2018


Oga 1-12 vs Plunketts 0-7


So @plunker predicttion was right they didnt cause an upset. as it stands Oga after 9 games have 9 wins 6 games to go can they be caught? Ids it top 2 up or is it a playoff can anyone confirm


Top 2 up and 3rd/4th play off.


1st wins league and is promoted
2nd automatically promoted
3rd vs 4th in a playoff to be promoted


Nothing to see here…

This time last year, AFL 6 2017 was beginning to really kick off.


Great achievement by Gael Oga topping league with 100% record. A really good team and great to see new clubs doing well. How they many dubs playing? My old teammate Ciarán Mac Fhearghusa is playing with them.


Leave it with me Beeko, I’ll see what drama I can russle up on the 15th against plunketts for you.


that was all Lucan’s fault


On the AFL6 team 6 of NGÓ’s first 15 are Dubs. 4 originally from Gaeltacht areas and the other 5 originally from rest of country. (8 of first 20 are Dubs).
All of our under age players are Dubs.
A lot of work to be done yet by whoever wins the league. Craobh are only 2 points behind us and had a big win against TD on Tuesday.


Bhuaigh Na Gaeil Óga ar Fingal Ravens inniu.


Craobhs beat Whitehall by 3.


Did oga play fingal ravens yesterday any result


I know they’re a rural club, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call them fungal! :sunglasses:


Óga won


5 Games to go who we think will go up with Oga Craobh, Crumlin, TD, Civil Service all still to play each other


Oga, Crumlin and Davis via playoff I reckon.


Is Mc niallias still playing for ngo?


Na Gaeil Óga beat Crumlin in tight match by 3 points. Really good Crumlin team.


Craobh beat Vincents by 11 points


Whitehall beat Inisfails by 4 or 5