Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2018


Think its like flogging a dead horse


What happens when Lucan get promoted and if their other Junior team doesn’t get out of division 5?


you can have 2 teams from the same club in the same league. Generally play each other in first game of the league


Lucan will probably blow it again at the end of the season :slight_smile:


An bhfuil éinne ó Chumann Peil na Gaeil Óga ar líne?

Anyone from Na Gaeil Óga about? We’re due to play ye in St Catherine’s Park tomorrow evening. What’s the best way to get there from town on public transport?



Brón orm, ní fhaca mé seo go dtí anois🙈


Agus ní raibh sé ag an cluiche - bhí sé caillte!!


Bhí mé ag an gcluiche ach bhí an cluiche caillte!!!

Go nEirí an tÁdh libh sa todhchaí

Fair play lads - ye beat us well. Great team with a great future ahead of ye. Best of luck for the rest of the season


Maith an fear Uimhir a hAon i gCónaí … an-spórtúil


Maith an cailín le do thoil :wink:


Gabh mo leithscéal! Mar a ta tusa Uimhir a hAon i gCónaí - cinnte go bhfuil cailín anseo!

[Ta me ag iarraidh cupla focal a usaid :wink:]


Plunketts lost to Crumlin by 4


Back match from last week played last night

Craobh 4.13 Bank Of Ireland 1.10


That result is in STARK contrast to their championship game from 15th April - a drawn match.


Craobh had hurling Champo 2 days after the football champo game so would have had very little hurlers playing


Fair enough… I wasn’t scratching my head about either of Craobh’s performances, to be honest.