Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2018


Judes Na Gaeil Oga been playing this Sunday at 10 in Tymon North


St Judes 1-11 Na Gaeil Oga 2-9


Whitehall were beaten by Wanderers.

But if Plunketts lost their last game, we’re safe as we beat them early in the season and our last game - whenever it is - which is away to Thomas Davis will be meaningless. Anyone know how Plunketts v Inisfails fared out?


Thomas Davis guaranteed home promotion playoff.Im just guessing at the rest. At present Crumlin and Wanderers would have to play again as drew in league and Crumlin received a walkover so points difference is gone. If Civil Service beat Chiarans tomorrow they would put Crumlin and Wanderers out as beat both on head to head and have better points difference between the three teams. Taking a deep breath, then finally if Ravens beat Lucan on Sunday week they would take the last playoff spot as beat other three teams on head to head and have better points difference in mini league between them all. So Tomas Davis will be at home to ??


Crumlin beat Wanderers when they played!


Sorry you are right I read the score wrong. Crumlin in poll position at present unless either of other 2 win. Thanks


3.8 service chiarans 1.1 with about 5 to go in first half. Chiarans only have bare 15 while Service have 21, they look a lot stronger than last time I seen them play. Maybe got a few players back, they could be further ahead but missed 3 goal chances.




Any result from Lucan Ravens last night?


Lucan 0-11 Fingal Ravens 3-17 is score posted on Co Board website.


Who plays Thomas Davis in playoff now?


Ravens. Won’t get away with playing some of the lads theyve been playing in a playoff final so Davis should win comfortably.


Hard to imagine they where playing bangers if their first team are in a relegation playoff tomorrow


Think ravens 1st team game is off tomorrow


Why’s that do you know?


No idea


Seems unlikely with the 1st team in such a precarious position


Will playoff be played next week does anyone know?
After this morning may be clear who goes down automatically with Vins and who is in relegation playoff.


Whitehall lost to Davis this morning.

If Innisfails beat Plunketts this morning, Plunketts are automatically down due to head to head.

If Plunketts win it’s a playoff between Whitehall and Innisfails next week.


Inisfails beat Plunketts so they will play each other again to see who will join Mearnogs and Vincents in Div 7 next year