Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


Which teams got relegated and which teams got promoted?


Any sign of the AFL7 fixtures?


Not yet. Hopefully tomorrow.


Best team in this league based on last years performance?


You would probably have to say Vincents, close to promotion last year and bolstered by regrades from the now disbanded AFL4 team


Just seen the weekend results and amazingly Ballymun kept a clean sheet - must be a first for you bkafl7?


Rumour has it they couldn’t fund 3 new footballs after every game that went into the ditch so they brought in a new keeper. The bonus is that this lad can also save a football.


bkafl7 could become starlightsafl9


Unfortunately work committments have stopme playing ball for awhile and iI wont sink that low to afl 9 not wen I have a champo medel in my back pocket


Not only are his kick outs shite, but he spelling isn’t much better. Happy retirement AFL-


No worse than your grammar :joy::wink:


Any result from Finns -V- Vincents?


Vins by 4


He is a decent keeper too, you wouldn’t get his place


I bet his kick outs aren’t straight down the midfielders throats like bkafl7 :wink:


Ballymun 0-13


Crumlin beat Vins by 1


what colours do boi wear?


Them fookers are always in the black …


Put a lot in the red though…