Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


These gradings are indeed final. It seems like a mess to be honest.

I know that Vinnies applied for AFL5, reason being the team is an amalgamation of remaining AFL4 & 6 players and they felt that grade would be fair. They were expecting to be told to shove it and have to remain in AFL4. It comes as a surprise to everyone that they are entered in AFL6 to be honest. Especially considering AFL5 only has 14 teams.


Playing junior a championship as well . Bizarre stuff


Very much so, that might have something to do with all the lads that played in last years junior A semi who will now be members of this panel. They wouldn’t have all gotten regrades so would have had no champo football if entered in junior B.


Mightn’t bother many of you, but bit of a joke they can enter a team in Div10. Should be Div11N.


Is there much of a difference between 11N & 10?


Not sure that matters. There’s a lot of teams in 11N trying to get into 10.


If N = -1 then the two are the exact same …


Then it is ridiculous surely grounds for appeal if theres a case of 11N teams wanting to move up.

Perhaps the move was done to protect 11N teams from having an noncompetitive league due to the Vins 4th team being too strong.

From my limited knowledge of the situation I would imagine that team will be very competitive in D 10


"A Chara,

The grading for 2017 Adult Football Championships, Adult Football Leagues, Adult Football Cups and Minor Football Leagues are attached. These gradings are final and no communication, verbal or written, will be entered into by CCC regarding any grading.

Minor Championship Grading (to be carried out in July / August) will be based on league performance.

Any team wishing to withdraw their entry from any competition should advise the undersigned by 10am on Monday next (6th February). Any team withdrawing from a competition after that date should note that they shall be liable for a fine of €100.00 for doing so.

Any omissions from the attached lists should also be notified to the undersigned by 10am on Monday next.

Is Mise,

Seán MacNiocláis.
Rúnaí CCC Áth Cliath."


AFL10 was a shambles last year, 12 teams entered and 2 pulled out after 1 game. The season was over before the end of August.

It looks like the CCCCCCCCCCCCC are trying to balance the numbers


Thats right, 12 teams, 11 games, we ended up getting 4 walkovers! So only actually played 7 matches
I see Rosmini went up to 9 aswell. Went went from 11N to 10 the year before on request even though we didnt win promotion


Mightn’t bother many of you, but bit of a joke they can enter a team in Div10. Should be Div11N.”

They applied for Afl 11 and we put in afl10


When are fixtures for first round of cup been issued?


A good few of them are on


Fixtures for 19th February up


Vins 11 asked for 11, put in 10, play were your told. Not sure about the other craic with the higher teams. Imagine that div 6 team will be strong and div 3 team will be more competitive than last year :wink:


but why not allow a team that applied to play in 5 to play there when the league has only 14 teams.

Absolutely crazy stuff from the DCB


When are league fixtures out?


I would imagine this week or next. We had them on the 3rd February last year but everything seems to be a week or two delayed this year


Fixtures availble here