Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


Game is listed as semi final on hill16. Thought somebody above said Brendans won well?


What I have learned this year, sometime you have to contact the county board to get them to correct incorrect league positions, score difference and qualifying rules.


Brendan’s did win well. No complaints. Not sure why not reflected on the website.




Can anyone recommend a supplier of nets? We’ve had a rat infestation and they’ve eaten right through them


If we manage to get BKAFL7 next year we may not need nets though. :japanese_ogre:


Starlights are open for business. Contact Billy Balls for player recruitment for 2018 season. Middle name Big.


Is their ball sac test got this ?


Grow a brain Lone Ranger, that reply is unintelligible :roll_eyes:


GK Nets in Howth. Just down the road from Beann Eadir grounds


Thanks Vinny. Are they rat proof netting. These little blighters have cut loose. They’ve knawed their way half through the airport end goal post :thinking:


They do net repairs too. Fixed our ball stop nets after the winter storms 2 years ago roped them to shreds


Vinny I think you are an employee of these net propioters. We have a particular problem with some rat. He has a serious attitude. Bate has not worked he remains at large and has reserved the right to cut loose


Vinny would a nut do the job as bait$


And Vinny if you are for real so I am i


Brendans won the play off this morning by 12. Decent team and will hold their own in 5.


Seems Vincent’s over achieved so! If they end up getting promoted I feel they will struggle, feel sorry for lucan!

Any result from the relegation game?

Bridget’s play there champo or league team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Crumlin best Brigids in relegation play off so Brigids relegated


Will three teams go up to 5 ? If so, I assume Lucan will get that third spot due to finishing higher?


I think the losers of the playoffs have first option to go up