Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


Not true


Not what I heard from the inside


Sure look, what you heard contradicts what I heard. Not that it makes any difference now.


At this point there’s a book in what you have ehard from the inside.

The problem is you’ll never write it :wink:


What a book though Al. What a book…




Fiction? :sunglasses:


Facts are boring . Look at how successful trump is with fiction


Wonder is there any reason the Brendan’s result isn’t up on hill16 yet? Surely there couldn’t be more controversy in this league.


Was there any Lucan specators at the game to clarify the scoreline? :stuck_out_tongue:


100% applied I know that from the people who put in the application and people in the know


Haha think @TheLoneRanger hates Vincent’s more then I hate ballymun… must start writing a book myself for next year so


Not sure it’s a hatred of Vincents. More a hatred of everybody and a passion for winding people up.


With the facts . Don’t forget that bit :wink:


So you say.


Brendan’s vs Judes now down for November 5th???


@TheLoneRanger what’s your “facts” on this game from the “people who where there” or “are in the know”???


What a joke!


More u16s v Lucan ?


There was no result posted from the Brendan’s v Judes game. Not sure what’s going on to be honest