Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


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I’ve a headache.


Give him a break he’s only 16


:joy::joy: I wish, good luck next year lads


Fair play to ballymun for the win, by far the best team this year and good league campaign ahead of them next year!!

Question now has to be asked Brendan’s or Vincent’s?? I gave Vincent’s no hope against lucan but after beating them could they beat Brendan’s!

But only seen Brendan’s play once, looked strong and organised but seemed they had a lot of country lads. If they are still in champo back Home Brendan’s could be missing a few players!


Brendan’s for me. Very strong. But you never know on the day. Any chance both teams go up due to the issues in Div 5? Speculation at this juncture obviously.


Will they bother playing this ? I’d say they’ll just promote both teams no ?


Word is it’s going ahead. I’d say they’ll do what they’ve done previously, play the game and promote the runner up at a later stage.


Bit of a waste of time though


They should have 30 on 30 match. Vins & B’Mun versus Lucan & Brendan’s.

Settle all the scores


It looks like that alright. Good for one side to have the crowning glory of a final win on the day though.

I’d bet any money that when they are taking applicants for Div 5 Vincent’s will have a team in there. Before I get accused of a conspiracy theory I mean as they withdrew their side from it this year, and have a team within touching distance in Div 6.

Brendan’s might need to win it to avoid falling through any potential trap doors though!


I expect at least 4 teams to go up into it this year. The whole structure of AFL5 was a disgrace from the beginning. Throw in two teams giving the maximum of walkovers and it made the whole thing a joke.


The Lucan v Lucan game in AFL5 would be some craic.


At least one of them will have it down as a Vincent’s win anyway…




but will either team really care if they will both be promoted! no real history between brendans and vincents, seems pointless dragging the season out another two weeks just for bragging rights??


was lucan relegated from division 4??


If 4 teams do end up going up usually it goes on league position so it would be Ballymun, Lucan, Brendan’s and Judes with Vinnies missing out if they lose the play off final.


it didn’t last year when Castleknock went up from div 5 to 4 from what I remember.


Suppose it just depends on what league the clubs apply to go into. Nothing stopping any club applying to go up a division, just up to the county board to decide where they go. For example this Vins team applied to go into AFL5 at the start of the year given the AFL4 team folded and the remaining players joined up with the 6s or a few with the 3s.


they never applied to go to 5. they chose to stay in 6