Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


Managing expectations or double bluffing :thinking:


I’d agree there, seems mad to bet on anything other then lucan, but the way this league has gone god only knows what could happen haha


Vins won by 1


Vincents didn’t get the memo


How did the Brendans game go out of curiosity?


Any word on who Vinnys are playing in the final spotter ?


Brendan’s. bet Judes well this morning.


Lucanlight can you hear me?


Lucan team seems unable to win big games touch of a Mayo about them


Which team had the dodgy abacus today :joy:


Hold on, hold on, was the scored verified by Lucan? Or will they be sending a few more e mails ?


Im really going to miss this thread


One game left, anything could happen


Lucan Farcefields


Where has GAA man 6 disspeared to :thinking:


Great result for Vinnies… I think most people on the thread would have a smile on their face with the result given the behaviour of the Lucan squad throughout the league campaign. They will find it tough to take and may struggle to regroup in Div 6 next year.

A very good play-off final… still fancy Brendan’s…


I think all people on this thread hope Brendan’s win because they are no crack at all :joy:
We want a Lucan v vins trilogy in division 6 next year !


Spotter, you spout some amount of rubbish. Apart from attend one game in which your team falsely claimed to of won what behaviour are you speaking of. Specifics please…


Ballymun never falsely claimed anything. We went by the referee’s score who was constantly updating the players on the pitch of the scoreline throughout the second half. Both players and management played the match accordingly to the scoreline advised by the ref. It’s not the responsibility of the teams to keep the official score. That’s up to the ref. If he made a mistake fair enough. But none of this was Ballymuns or Vincents fault. The fact that another club stuck their beak in and sent emails which were factually incorrect has stuck in the minds of many ! Not to mention bringing a team out to a swamp at the start of the season knowing full well the night before the pitch was unplayable and the ref would call it off. They are the facts !


It’s great to see the Lucan lads coming out with a bit of heart and fight… It’s a pity none of that was shown in your C champo final and the play-off game… Anyway best of luck next year in Div 6 from all at Ballymun :grin::grin::grin::grin:

It will be a tough one for a group of bottlers to come back again next season.