Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


Looks to me at least 3 will get promoted maybe 4


I’d back Brendan’s also myself. They’ve a few new additions this year and have been there or thereabouts before.


Agreed, my money be on lucan Brendan’s final with Brendan’s just piping it… very impressive two times I seen them, once they can keep there fitness up cause seemed to be a panel of the experienced Age group


Calling them fat ?


He probably is being a little over the top. I would imagine its born from the frustration of the season from day one ! As well as all the accusations and allegations made on this thread and elsewhere by people not knowing the real facts. A fantastic season by Ballymun making the Junior A final and winning the league in their first year up.


I wouldnt be writing Vinnies off either. Brendans play a lovely fast paced and fairly direct game. Makes for an interesting couple of games all the same


Was it not a fact Ye lost to Vincent’s??


I dunno think Vincent’s are over achieving… loss to Brendan’s and a draw and loss to lucan(with 14 men both times) this season, the game against lucan hopefully will highly entertaining for the neautrals but personally think it’s lucans playoff


You’d never guess you’re a vinnies player - sorry fan :joy:


Hahah no affiliation with Vincent’s not a fan of the club at all, just less of a fan of ballymun :blush:


Is the Brendans team all culchies?


is that because ballymun are more successful there your club


Well just said they aren’t from the Liberties


Is the Lucan Ravens game going ahead tonight? Surprised the country board have been proactive in fixing the playoffs with not all games played


Yeah. Its an ideal warm up game for the Senior Hurlers that are being parachuted in :slight_smile:


They had Chris Crummy playing with them last year not sure if he has been playing at all for them this year


Haha no if that was the case I wouldn’t be a fan of every time in the county!


You complete bastards


Who’d be favourites for the playoffs? Played Brendans in a Challenge yesterday and they were decent.


On league and champo form you would have to say Lucan but it depends on what players they have available to them but my fancy is Brendan’s. Jude’s and Vincent’s are just making up the numbers