Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017




They’re onto us playing Brian Fenton midfield wearing false nose, moustache and glasses!


Jaysus I hope the lad in the middle and the lad above his right shoulder weren’t playing, or got served in that boozer either. Are they from the U12s???

Well done MacDaddy, a fair achievement


A great achievement by us going undefeated all season…:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Very humble!!!


That the Autobhan ?


yep !


Think the last time I was in there was when James popped in with Sam ( or the copy :wink: ) back in '11 .Good night :blush:


Undefeated*??? I must be mistaken but ye didn’t beat Vincent’s? Or I’m I reading the score wrong that Vincent’s won by a point?


I still reckon we won that match by a point. Anyway, as you WELL know, the result was overturned by the CCC as a result of an objection by Ballymun. So yes, Ballymun undefeated in the league.


I even highlighted it for you… the table doesn’t lie :slight_smile:
Let’s hope Lucan can get over the disappointment of throwing away a championship and blowing a 10 point lead against Ballymun… Best of luck to them in play offs.


But Ye lost to Vincent’s no? Cause I’m assuming when u say undeafeated u mean u either won or drew all ur games! But that didn’t happen did it?

But I guess it’s not a shock ballymun ignoring facts to try claim a win even though they lost.

Hopefully they only promote two teams, the league just won’t be the same next year


Why is Spotter been such a pr1ck? is it not enough to win without that


Spotter is a good friend of mine and we have earmarked him for a transfer to Starlights next season. Negotiations underway so watch this space


I heard his fee is the cost of a pint in the Autobann


…which is dear enough in fairness…


We also have our eye on the attacking left half back from last night’s game. Number 7. A young Jack Mcaffrey. Anyone got a number for him?


I’m sure some tyrone defender has his number written on the back of his hand …


Young but not too young of course


Isn’t it great to see the Lucan lads back online after their media ban on Wednesday… An word on when the playoffs are… Always very difficult to pick yourselves up after losing out on the league… i’d fancy Brendan’s to come up out of Div 6.