Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


:cat: Meow


Well done and congrats to Ballymun.



AFL6 squad no bangers there :arrow_up:


Q & A tomorrow after 9am. All questions answered.


AFL6 technicality champions ballymun… I feel sorry if ur proud of that


James mccarthy in there careful now or lucan be throwing in objections… AFL6 won by technicality’s roll on the playoffs… down to who is best at hiding the infractions


Thats James Marquez. Student exchange with Juarez Gaels. Nothing to see here😎


There is no way those lads are any older than 16


As the Prince said when he met Cinderella’s sisters, ‘it’s all getting a bit ugly now …’


I heard he was playing under his fathers name :laughing:


Did anyone think with all that walkovers in AFL 5 etc all teams in AFL 6 play offs will go up anyway ?


It’s not unlikely. AFL5 is still short 2 teams from last year afaik.


The decision to go with 14 in division 5 was only made at the end of January this year so can see these games being played and another late decision being made. Division 5 currently has 14 teams so they could go with that number again for next year or parachute in a few Castleknock teams to make up the 16


Does anyone want to do a bullet point summary of what happened over the last weeks.

What I know, Vincent’s beat Ballymun by 1 point but played a first year minor who scored 3 points.

Objection put in and Ballymun given the points.

Lucan play bangers and lost the league because of indiscipline.

The Mun are promoted.

That all correct?


That’s it old school. And Lucan lost a 10 point lead home to Ballymun also.




And Starlights will play anyone


How come Brian didn’t make it into the photo?


Brian Who ?