Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


What is it about things called Lucan and going missing …


When are the playoff semi’s for this Division ?


I love this thread.


It’s very like the old club football threads we used to have . The others unfortunately are as interesting as a seance


The club threads are my bread & butter.
Best way to stay in touch with the club scene for me.
But the craic on this one is great.
It’s one thing I really miss, having the option to go & watch a Dublin club fixture or 2 over the weekend.


I fucking love this league haha, the playoffs are goin to be gas!


Play offs 15th


I’m Assuming that fins lucan result is standing if the play offs are announced! Defiantly goin to watch the vins lucan game! It’s like the encore to the drama of this league


Parnell Park could be sold out for this game. Will they move it to Croker? :grinning:


Who won between Brigids and Crumlin?



What a way to finish the year. 3 marks a score and 2 bottles of miller :sunglasses:.


Might be doing some spotting at the upcoming playoffs. Who knows who we might see. Diarmuid Connolly in a wig :thinking:


Lucan enjoy the play offs we’ll be there with a bottle in our hands watching!


Lucan have played same players all year, no “bangers” played against a strong Fingallians outfit last night, they won by nearly 20 points and could of been a lot more.
To clarify, the referee brought the issue of fingallians players up, as their team sheet didn’t match up with their players listed, and having referred them a handful of times this year he didn’t recognise same team battling relegation play off against a team looking to win a league. One player who wasn’t listed anywhere was instrumental. Once they were questioned they wanted to know about the Lucan players, that’s fair enough we’ve nothing to hide, date of births or otherwise.
Looks like Ballymun will win the league, nearly 100% record well done, pity they couldn’t defeat us when we played majority of the game with 14, but congrats.
Also Well done to Brigits on winning the championship, contrary to speculation on this forum, they didn’t field a championship team, we played them last year in league and drew and only just about accounted for them in the league this year. We didn’t perform for a number of reasons.


Lucanlight it’s a pity you couldn’t win with a 10 point head start at home and it cost you the league. Enjoy the playoffs. Squandering a 10 point lead must be some sort of record😇


We have won the league ! Pity you couldn’t keep 15 on the pitch when you played us. Must be difficult realising indiscipline cost you the league



Draw I think .


Put away the phone and enjoy the celebrations!!!