Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


Lucan questioned Fins players and names given didn’t match teamsheet, in turn fins questioned Lucan, given the result you’d imagine Fins could be in a spot of bother…


What about the player for Lucan??? Was he an illegal player?

If so… what happens to the points?
I’m expecting the 10 accounts that were created after the Vins v Ballymun to be activated again today to explain their position.


It probably gives a bit more reasoning as to how Brigids could beat Lucan in the Champo final… Lucan probably didn’t have access to these “floating” players… Calls into question some of their results within the division this year.


Brings no question against Fins no? All hear say as it stands until we get the full story…


It’s really irrelevant for Fins as they are just finishing out the season… Sure if they were doing that all season they would be in contention…

I think the silence from the Lucan lads tells its own story…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Wrong, Fins needed to win to avoid a relegation playoff.


I would imagine both teams will get deducted the points if proven… Still no sign of the Lucan lads to clear up this situation?


Which means nothing, they don’t have to prove anything on here, keep stirring with little knowledge you’re good at it :+1:t2:


They are very quick to have their own opinions and “facts” about other teams games but nothing from them when they are under the spotlight :joy::joy::joy:


You sound bitter over the Vinnies game, get over it, not one of the 3 clubs involved came out of it well, move on…


Not bitter at… sure we got what was rightfully ours…


@Lucanlight @Kilkennykar @Morethenadub … any comments lads or is there a media ban?


Spotter as a Mun man would you confirm your team put in an incorrect score v Vincent’s (knowing full well you lost the game) and only changed the score when you knew you would be awarded the game based on an illegal player. Seems as you like dealing in facts


Ah AFL 6 , how I have missed this thread.


You played a 16 year old when you had 6 substitutes So everything else relating to that game is absolutely irrelevant .


They got what they deserved… :eyes:


FACT… still no sign of the Lucan lads???


You could be a while waiting.


Relax Rafa, no need to shout


Well you’re here so why don’t you answer the query asked of you…