Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


I would say any dual player would pick hurling when he sees a lot of outsiders coming in
Anyway your hurling demise has been shambolic considering the status of the club so would be good to see Vincent’s back in the mix as we need them


They are picking hurling now.

I am a football man so I would be worried about what direction the football in the club is going.


Surely a Skerries man isn’t going on about imports


Surely there is! Harps senior team for the championship match against Castleknock. Take from that what you will…

S Davis - Skerries man;
R Newsholme- Skerries man
E McGinley - Skerries man
E Smith - Skerries man
D O’Brien - Cork man, but living in Skerries years and didnt move there to play for the harps
S Rocks - Skerries man
J Smith- Skerries man
D Reilly - Skerries man
M Boylan- Skerries man
C Daly - Transferred from Lusk at underage level
B Cullen - Skerries man
K Gilmore - Skerries man
P Cashman- Skerries man
G Cullen - Skerries man
S Smith- Skerries man


People in glass houses Harper…how many Lusk players or otherwise have Skerries taken over the years…yous may be OK now but wasn’t the case as recently as 5 years ago…ive noticed many a Lusk man going back to Lusk over the past few years on the transfer list…


All around the same age and transferred under age when there was no team for them in Lusk and ended up staying with Skerries. 2 Dalys, Ross McGarry, Tongey & John O Hara. Austin Dennis then transferred because he is mates with all of the above.
John went to Rhode in Offaly where he is actually from, so not really a Lusk man either and Austin only played for 2/3 years before retiring due to back injuries
Now you say as recently as 5 years ago, since all these lads transferred before they were minor and they are all around 30 now, you MUST mean other ones, do you?
And in relation to many a lusk man going back to lusk? Really, who? I dont know of any


When you’re explaining …


As Rafa would say, FACTS


Trumpelstiltskin …


You’ll have to elaborate, your wit is beyond me…


Don’t mind me I’m here half the time and I’m not if you follow me …


So the provisional teams as released by County Board tonight are

Ballymun Kickhams
Bank of Ireland
Civil Service
Fingal Ravens
Lucan Sarsfields
St Brendans
St Brigids
St Judes
St O. Plunketts ER
St Vincents
Whitehall Colmcille

AFL 5 has been reduced to 14 teams and Vincents have pulled out of AFL 4.

Even allowing for the reasons highlighted earlier in the thread, it is hard to justify Vincents going from AFL 1,3,4,& 6 in 2016 to 1, 3, 6 and 10 in 2017 when the AFL 10 team is being targeted as a social team. Surely you are getting players from AFL 4 team dropping back to AFL 6 and consequently players who were challenging for promotion in AFL 6 dropping all the way back to AFL 10.

Also the Vincents Junior C championship winning team has effectively been disbanded and Vincents have been Graded in Senior , Intermediate, Junior A and Junior D for the coming year.


Not provisional. Final grading according to notice from CCC


But the rules have been broken . That’s the point . I’d love to hear the ruling on this .


Same question again - be specific, what rule or rules has / have been broken? Read the rules before you answer!


I’m asking why a different set of rules was applied to a similar case last year . Maybe read before you answer


If there is an actual rule written down and it’s broken there is no excuse but I am waiting for you to point out what actual rule has been broken. As I’ve already said there is a difference between what happens during a season and what happens when entries are made before a season.


Can you point that out to me ?


Gradings are entirely the remit of the CCC. They can literally do what they want. And there’s no appeal. So no rule has been broken. Much and all as I wouldn’t have agreed were I chairperson to what has happened it is within the rules.


So if I understand correctly these gradeings are final and cannot be changed?