Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


Maybe between both games tonight :slight_smile:


Instead of letting the kids out with the hurls, we should put up an octagon and put Harper and Bart in, duel to the death! I know who my money is on!!!


Ah that wouldn’t be fair, he has been studying MMA since before anyone else in Ireland even heard of it


Two of them about 8 feet away from each other but didn’t know a few weeks ago celebrating the All Ireland win :joy::joy:


I thought you were joking about that. Where you drinking with him?


I wouldn’t be let into the Scoil cabal !!


You should have pointed him out to me ya ballo

I’ll keep an eye out in Parnell tonight for him. On the TV obviously


Any result from lucan-ravens game??


Are you sure you don’t want to join in ?


Harper doesn’t need my help at all.


In this day and age three is never a crowd :joy:


Have we all forgotten when lucan tried to get involved in the ballymun Vincent’s result… having three involved can get very messy


Any update from Jude’s and Balkymun?


called off


Lucan unable to field independent observers?


Was Fingallians Lucan played?


Playing tonight… at least that’s what’s on Hill16.


Played last night, Fins won well apparently


Lucan will be delighted. Judes a much easier proposition in the playoff semi finals than the Vincents minors.


Apparently both Lucan and Fins playing illegal players last night… Both are appealing against each others bangers.

The division that keeps on giving :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Where are the Lucan lads now??? Are they in hiding?