Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


You’re right. The county board have made a complete mess of things but the decision has been made.


IS it not in the by-laws that 2 walkovers means you are automatically relegated??


It is


So someone is going to have to play a relegation playoff against a team made up of senior hurlers and minors probably. That’s terrible if its true. It’s only social football to be fair but still, rubbish


Ha ha ha ha. That came back and kicked you in the arse!


Parnells didn’t want to play their matches without Cluxton :wink:


Are you Paul kimmage :joy::joy:


If the bye laws say they are automatically relegated then they are. That decision cannot be revisited.

Someone will be appealing something if this is all true.


The craic ended when Vincent’s seem to have played all fixtures! Roll on playoffs and the craic be mighty


Hahaha so technically could it be possible a team could win champo and be relegated in the same year with the “same” panel


are they not playing a lot of teams in divisions 7/8/9?


What’s this ?


There seems to be surprise that a team in Div 6 won the Junior C championship, a championship composed of mainly Div 7/8/9 teams.


Think the surprise is they beat the team that’s joint top of their league in the final.


Lucan only beat them by 2 points in the league as well. I just don’t see it as a massive shock


The league position suggests otherwise


and the result in the league between the 2 teams?


They also have multiple 8+ points defeats to teams a lot lower in the league


Have you looked at the results over the year . League tables don’t lie


They played Lucan 2 weeks ago and were only beaten by 2 points. Results against Lucan don’t lie.

They beat a team in the same division as them in a championship final, a team that only subsequently managed to beat them by 2 points in the league. Not sure what the big conspiracy is