Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


How can they do that, does their lower team not have to move up to fulfill the leagues?


it will have to . Because the last team gets pulled. I have no knowledge of circumstances


Pretty sure this is Vincents lowest team…

No idea of the circumstances either, but maybe having 2 (I think it’s 2) teams on a Sunday morning is too much of a struggle? Didn’t seem to have any impact last year, but maybe a couple of players have hung up their boots this year or similar!


Just had a look through 2016, it was their lowest team last year alright and were in the shake up for the league too. Strange one. Are they not entering a Div11 side this year? Surely they wont ask them to play in AFL6!


Does that mean Liffey Gaels go up too?


This was Vincent’s lowest team last year. As far as I know due to emigration, retirements, commitments to soccer/rugby across AFL 3, 4 and 6 teams plus very few minor coming into adult football it wouldnt be possible to keep 4 teams in the top 6 divisions. Seems like a complete restructure of the adult football in the club.
Not sure about the AFL11 team but as far as I know this team is made up completely of older lads coming back to play some ball and would not get involved at any higher level, maybe county board have made a special allowance but don’t quote me on that, purely speculation.


From a club point of view that is extremely worrying. We should be fielding four adult teams no problem.

I’d be surprised if the county board allowed a Division 11 team. In essence you are allowing a team be relegted five divisions purely on a club’s say so. Very dangerous precedent to set.


They may allow it once the other teams are in 1,3 and 4. But you make a very fair point.


What would happen if they won Div 11?!?!?! :open_mouth:


Open top bus down O Connell Street?


I get what you are saying Al, unfortunately it looks like there is a serious lack of players coming up from minor to play football. I wouldn’t know as much as yourself about the juvenile structures in the club but it seems as though there has been a shift in focus towards hurling in recent years and that is showing now at adult.


I can’t recall vincent’s winning an A football championship for donkey’s years


That’s almost scarily true at this point.

Between 13 and minor only one team, the 15s, are division 1 in football and they only just survived relegation last year. All the hurling teams bar one are top tier and are competitive.

Won the U15 championship in 2003. Haven’t won a 15/16/minor championship since and been in precious few finals during that time.


Perhaps not but it only takes 1/2 to come through to senior football after minor. But you need 15/20 going to adult ball to keep things ticking over. Not getting half that.


To me that’s your problem. When your focus is that narrow you end up with poor underage teams and a senior team that will struggle badly once Connolly hits his 30’s without the addition of imports.

If you go a couple of years with no SFC - the additional country lads will go elsewhere. Then your’e in trouble . Because you won;t have the underage players to make up for the country lads


Not sure what you mean by narrow focus?
Up until around 2013/14 there was a steady supply of players to all levels of adult football. It completely dried up after that. I believe that was due to a conscious decision within the club to shift focus at underage from football to hurling, nothing to do with lads going straight to senior football.

Perhaps I should have said you only need 1/2 going directly from minor to senior annually. Other lads peak at different times but you want lads involved in the set up by about 20. That is not really happening any more.


But you’ve answered my point. Senior is all you’ve mentioned.


Sure just get more imports for the seniors and yiz will be grand…



The point I have made is regarding adult football not just senior. In fact I specifically mention adult football a number of times.
You mentioned A champo so I responded with a statement saying you don’t always need fantastic underage success, you only need a couple of lads ready to step straight to senior. As you have said, they haven’t won an A champo in donkeys but they have been generally successful at all levels of adult football in recent years. I can’t see that football success continuing, due to what looks like a focus on hurling from the club.

The current issue in Vincent’s is there are maybe 8/9 lads going to adult football, not just that there are none going straight to senior.


Unfortunately thats the problem