Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2017


Genuine question. Does anyone know a keeper that would be avaliable for 7 or 8 games until the end of the year. Pm me if you have anyone in mind. Thanks Billy


My missus is very good at kicking balls, not so great at handling them though. She might do ya. (Cos she won’t do me)


The acid test for any set of balls. The Five Lamps. Hang you b***** off them :rofl:

What a thread:joy:


Try this lad.


Best thread ever.


the thread that keeps on giving:joy:


A good friend of mine might be able to assist Big Balls

Goes by the name of BKAFL7 and carries a junior B medal around in his back pocket


Heard last night Vinnies might be in big trouble. Don’t agree with that but understand protecting players of that age.


It’s a GAA rule and everyone knows it.

If the broke that rule just like any other then they deserve the punishment that goes with it.


I’d say a fair punishment would be instant relegation and a lengthy ban for both manager and playet


We have similar bans here for spelling errors, text speak and puns!!!


Just catching up on this thread now.


The Trump campaign are running this thread.


Big Balls is a busy man. Running one of Dublins great clubs is a 24/7 gig. #thelights


They can thank their good friends in Lucan for stirring all of this up. Vinnies seemed to accept the defeat on the day until the interference of the Lucan management & players. Sure the ref was nearly in his car when they approached him… Very unfair on the young lad to be banned but these are the rules… Vinnies knew going out on the day that they were breaking the rules by playing him.


Doesn’t reflect well either on Ballymun that they were happy to submit an incorrect score when they’d lost
To be honest it shows up both clubs in a very poor light . And these are supposedly the top clubs leading the way !


Wonder will Lucan face any ban from interfering with the ref :thinking:


Jeysus if their interfering in other games, refusing move matches & their AFL4 team are down the bottom of the league something tells me their taking it all abit to seriously are they going to have two teams in AFL5 next season & the other two in 1 & 21 stewards inquiry please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am lost… are we now saying the ref interfered with a young lad for Vincent’s? or a mentor from Lucan interfered with the ref?


Was this not cleared up yesterday?

The ref was giving both teams an incorrect score during the game. Ballymun thought they had won the game by 1 point at the end.