Adult Football League 5 (AFL5) 2019


watched the game up in Kiltipper between TD1 v TD2 on Saturday. Tight game and not much between both sides. Both teams can do well if they can keep hold of there panels throughout the season.


Bit of a joke there Dub09 - Point being it wasnt special privilage im sure any club/clubs could agree to bring a game early.


And you stole me joke too.


Difficult year ahead i would say to manage both squads


Totally agree. biggest challenge for both teams will be trying to keep players and high attendances throughout the season.


I am sure both squads will train together so should have high numbers at every training session which will be great for them


kilmacud did something in Div 8 similar last year, their top team won it… winning team meant to be all ex-senior lads that came back just to win a handy league


are lads going to put up results of their games as they happen on sundays so we know the state of play for the season


Sounds fair, rather than waiting around for hill16 to update


Are all clubs reliably represented on the site for all results to be covered?


A nomminated person from each club that is playing at home receives a text and is asked to reply to it with the score. If this was replied to by all once a match was over would have all the results instantly and we would need to rely on people posting here.


Sorry man i was doing last year in div11 south and still took a couple of days for it to be updated. they even had us down to play ballinteer again at the end of the season because they never updated the result earlier despite it going in. Ref was on the way if i hadn’t rang him. Result still never went up. And from talking to lads on here we’re not unique with this.


Wasnt aware that there was issues with the system. From my own experience of using it for U14/U16 & Adult games anytime I sent in the result the site has been updated instantly


handy for lads to post here aswell I suppose then you are not waiting on


Not having a dig just going by experience, i tend to stick to here or dub matchtracker for results.


Brendans have former Mayo footballer John Prenty. He played against Dublin in league around 05. He is son Connacht council secretary John Prenty.


Seen that transfer the other day and was wondering was it him or not.


There a Niall Prenty playing there too. He played Mayo under 21 in 2010.


Are you joking there ?

That team is lads who are all late 30’s/ 40’s who started off in Div 9 about 3 years ago

It’s basically the same team.


Any results from today?