Adult Football League 5 (AFL5) 2019


Round Towers to be in mix for this league good young side and good management team In there played against them last year will be hard bet


I’d doubt they’ll win any games in this league #afl6


Have to disagree with you there very organised team with very good forwards with pace. Unless you have some inside information ha


This is the AFL 5 thread, they’re in AFL 6 this year… Hence why they won’t win any games in this league this year


Clondalkin are in AFL 5, Lusk are in AFL 6


I mean Round Tower Clondalkin not RTL


I’ll get my coat!


Is the sin bin and marks in for our leagues this season




TD 1 v TD 2 fixed for this Sunday, Presumably being played to get it out of they way early or am I missing something ?


Always the case when two teams from the same club are in the same division. Saves the prospect of “an unusual result” if the teams were to play each other late on in the year!!


Have to play each other in first game to determine the Pannels for the season. No player on TD1 can play with TD2 and vice versa


Both clubs agreed to it :wink:

Strange season ahead!


Is that Thomas Davis game today or tomorrow? On hill16 for today.


3pm today in Kiltipper.


Good to see there’s no care for egg chasing in Kiltipper.


Td 1 won by 3 points.


Why did they get special privilege to start the season early


Both clubs agreed obviously


Huh??? :thinking: