Adult Football League 5 (AFL5) 2019


Anyone know if there is relegation this year? Hasn’t been last 2 I think


If league is back to full numbers of 16 then yes there will be 3 teams relegated.


NGO, Crokes, TSS & Ballymun top 4


Based on last year Brendans and Towers will be in the mix


Id be very surprised if Thomas davis don’t go straight back up


Any idea when fixtures are out


afl 1 fixtures are up so hopefully the rest follow shortly


I can’t see them? Are they on


someone put a link on the afl1 page on this site





Davises not granted request to stay in 6.


Here it is, AFL5


Looks like 16 teams which means relegation so that’s us fucked, I won’t say who ‘us’ is :eyes:


Who will go down???


Have Na Gael oga a juvenile section some achievement div 5 so quickly . I think it’s great to have an Irish speaking club . More power to them


Class team, could run through the league again.


They have academy set up few years now out in Lucan, great club in fairness. Come a long way since started in 2011.


Go raibh maith agat as sin Spuds.

We have two Acadamh groups for under 5 and under 6. We add new teams each year.
We have Boys and Girls mixed under 9, and 11 (football & hurling) and Girls under 8 & 10 (football & Camogie) and Boys under 8 & 10 (football & hurling) in competitions. Our under 7 team is together for 3 years now & ready to go in hurling & football.
All the kids come from Gaelscoil Naomh Pádraig & Gaelscoil Eiscir Riada in Lucan. We have about 200 kids playing with us. All as Gaeilge.

We have a lot of tranfers in each year at adult level but most of these are Irish language supporters who transfer as a token of support. We would not see most of them ever on a pitch🙈. This year we have started a second hurling team and a lot of hurlers have also come to us to play on that team, this will be a big challenge for us.


Maith sibh!