Adult Football League 5 (AFL5) 2018


Being played this coming weekend.


Isles 1-7 - Johns 0-8


Isles Vs TSS ended in a draw


RT Clondalkin 0-11
O’Dwyers 1-07


O’Dwyers 0-13 St Brendan’s 0-07


Good result


TSS 0-13 - Clontarf 1-11


Looks like it could be a fairly open league this year, anyone calling a winner this early?


Maurs 2.7 Erins Isle 1.17


Vincents 0-12 Plunketts 1-5


AFL6 result presumably


Sorry my apologize wrong thread.


I know they’ve lost 1 already but going to go with Clontarf


Na Fianna and Ballymun going well too even thought they’ve lost a game each, I’d probably have them ahead of Clontarf. Lucan going straight back up a strong possibility too


O’Dwyers 2-17
St Brigid’s 1-07


Clontarf 2-12 BSJ 0-12


TSS beat Maurs . Was shaping up to be a good battle in the second half but Synger took a hold and pulled away a little with a few nice scores.

Maurs missed a few in the first half and might have been closer if they worked the chances better.


Na Fianna 2-14 Round Towers 1-15, good game


How did the second captains man play


Was doing okay but got injured early and hit the bench.