Adult Football League 5 (AFL5) 2017


that’s fair enough . I can’t understand how you weren’t allowed in 5 . Hopefully sense will prevail


Maybe would help raheny have a Saturday and Sunday team better but if I was from craobh I’d be asking why they weren’t put back in the division me personal I would rather play Saturday football then Sunday morning.


That is correct😇


Any update on number of teams to in the league have co board done anything


Fixtures available here

Looking at my clubs fixtures there is only 13 games so the 14 teams must of stuck. Last league game for us is 29th July. My Lord that is madness.


You’d love to see the county board respond publicly as to why that decision was made . Because only they can see the logic . Absolute madness when you have teams willing to go into div 5


13 games and finished in July, 15 games and lucky to finish in the calendar year. Crazy stuff altogether. You would imagine some of the last games will be postponed with teams still being in Championship, which means you hit the Autumn break so you could have teams sitting for 6 weeks waiting to play a pointless last game, which will obviously never be played


Absolute farce,league will over for most teams by the summer break unless they are invloved in championship or playoffs,lot of lads will look for other sports


DCB are seeking new members for the fixtures committee. Details were sent to club secs last week. Plenty of lads on here seem to have the expertise required, hopefully they will apply and put things right.


:joy::joy::joy: Nice one Bd1.

I wonder what the world record is for the longest meeting ever …


Can you explain Div 5 then. Maybe if the DCB actually explained the reasoning people might be more understanding. Because it looks ridiculous


Can’t really see a problem in 5 myself. 14 teams in that league, 16 in the others = no byes in any league and games for all. That’s happened in hurling league /championship for several years now without complaint, just let the problem work itself down the leagues over several years and then it’s gone. No point in confusing things bringing teams from 6 to 5, 7 to 6, 8 to 7 and so on or by asking “relegated” teams to suffer another year in a league that they have already proven to be not good enough for.
It’s not ideal that one league will be 2 Teams down on the others but the cause of this is not DCB but the clubs who failed to re enter 2017 leagues.


But they did move teams in div 4. Sorry but that doesn’t wash . So one rule for one league and another for a different league . Making it up as they go along is fear it looks. All anyone is looking for a is a consistent application . And that hasn’t happened here


Is this issue not just being pushed down the road by 1 year by not having relegation this year?

Any team in Div 5 that struggles badly this year will be “asked” to be in 5 again next year, unless they choose to enter AFL 6 voluntarily which will then just add to the issue.

Not claiming to by an expert at all, and I do see the logic in having 14 teams in the league, but I think it’s a short term fix and will get even more messy in the next few years.


The answer to that is in my first line: 14 in division 5 and 16 in the others. Nice round figures with no byes. What would you have done so as not to cause a knock on effect all the way to division 11?


Ensure that the divisions graded in order are fully stacked. Everyone agrees with this except the DCB.

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Can you perhaps explain as to why Castleknock went up ahead of Boden & TSS despite Boden being beaten playoff finalists and finishing below TSS in the league? Makes no sense whatsoever to me.


Looking at the fixtures again the CCC have moved the dates around of the games. League now finishes on 10th September. The games on 27th June & 29th July have been removed and games are now on 27th August & 10th September.


No incentive having a league with no relegation. Some teams won’t be arsed by the summer


That Castleknock team were also given a helping hand a few years ago by being put into div 6 . I understood it at the time as answering the needs of a developing club . Im very surprised they’ve been helped out again though .