Adult Football League 5 (AFL5) 2017


Yes, sent out in the last hour.


Strange that- usually when there’s a gap they back fill from lower leagues don’t they?

Maybe because there’s two gaps here they don’t feel they should (still have an even number of teams etc)
However there must have been a gap in AFL4 also from what you’re saying?


Vincents look like they have withdrawn from Div 4 which created the slot for Castleknock and Sylvesters are not inDiv 5 so thats where the 14 have come from.Thought they always backfilled from Division below in these circumstances.
Wonder what the basis was for Castleknock getting the slot in Div 4 as Ballyboden were the team beaten in the play off final

Bit of a mess surely all the top divisions should have full quota of teams
Other issue is that with only 13 league games teams will have played 12 league games by the 30th July which is cutoff for the summer break and then will come back to play one more game at the end of August if they are not involved at top of table for playoffs


Vins weren’t even in the relegation playoff last year in 4. But they have always gotten their own way in the county board

Some things never change . Looks like 5 will be a farce next year with an uneven number of teams


Won’t be uneven but only 14 as opposed to 16 teams in the division, would assume some of the div 6 teams would fancy moving up,Brendan’s being onr


But if you pull a team out do you not lose your lowest graded team ?
By the lists Vincent’s have been allowed enter a div 10 team , keep their div 6 team and lose their div 4 team
That’s not fair on any level


This same Castleknock team were parachuted in Division 6 from nowhere years ago when Park Rangers finished up


Surely that slot should go to either raheny or craobh who were both relegated ??


They aren’t pulling a team as such. AFAIK that rule you are talking about only comes into force during a season.

All clubs gets the same entry form and they fill it out accordingly and can apply to be in a lower/ higher league. Vinnies obviously don’t want a team in that league but want one in AFL 11 or so.


What’s the story with Sylvester’s, only 3 adult teams entered, they were competitive in div 5 last year


Hi lads. First time poster here so please be gentle :slight_smile:

I would have thought that if a team from Division 4 dropped out, then the playoff losers (i.e. Ballyboden) would’ve got that spot. If for whatever reason Ballyboden couldn’t take that spot, then it would go to either one of the relegated teams from Divison 4 or the team that finished highest in the league?

I note that Castleknock are down as being 3rd on but that is incorrect as the TSS v Crumlin game never took place as Crumlin refused to play the fixture so TSS should have been given the points for this, thus finishing ahead of Castleknock by one point.
I don’t expect anything to change but it is important to highlight this and expect some sort of explanation from the CCC.


Strange how all this has panned out. 5 new entries in AFL 4 makes for some interesting match ups.
I can understand neither of the relegated teams from AFL4 last year taking their place in the league again.
Raheny forfeited 2 games and craobh were battling for numbers most of the year.


Will be even more interesting to see what they do next year.
If there’s no relegation from 5 this year that will presumably mean there will only be 14 teams in 6 next year.
So there really shouldn’t be any relegation from 6 next year, and so on to 7 the following year etc.

They’ve created a bit of a precedent now I think!


Here’s the regulation on it…

Where a Club has more than one team playing at the same level (i.e. adult football, adult hurling, Under 21 football, under 21 hurling, minor football or minor hurling level) and where that Club is forced to withdraw a team from competition at any time after competition grading has been confirmed by CCC the team to be withdrawn must be the lowest graded team from that Club. This regulation applies to both league and championship.

I think the bit I have in bold is the important part for this argument.
As said above, it doesn’t seem to be fair on any level, but no rules broken.


So I wasn’t wrong then, they pulled the team before gradings

They aren’t the first club to do it and won’t be the last


No you weren’t wrong!
Apologies, I didn’t quote you to try contradict you! More to back you up!

As you say, it has happened before, and will happen again!
There has also been cases of clubs wanting to pull the highest of their 2 teams for example, but when not allowed they just gave 2 walkovers for the highest team and then played on in the lower league.


Vincent’s actually requested to go into AFL5 and AFL11N. The county board decided to put them in 6 & 10.


need to sort it out,its a joke to only have 14 teams in Div 5,let them seek requests from clubs to move up and see what happens


The email sent out seems like they are not willing to listen but you never know.
Wonder what happens if a team in AFL5 give a few walk overs. Bit of a piss take


should have been made play in div 5. that’s the bottom line.

With no full quota in Div 5 it’s the most ridiculous grading decision I’ve ever seen.

They’ll raze very team in Div 6 . Pretty unfair .